Caterpillar ecm flash files

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Caterpillar ecm flash files

Typically, these programs include logic that produces one or more output values used as control signals by various components of a host vehicle. The program logic may access one or more performance maps to determine data values to produce the output values. A performance map is a data relationship between one or more control variables associated with operations of the host vehicle, such as ignition timing, engine RPMs, etc.

caterpillar ecm flash files

Each map may include one or more data values for each of many different operating conditions. For example, a performance map may include a relationship of data values e. Further, because vehicle applications and conditions may change, the performance maps may sometimes need to be updated with new control data. For example, a user may operate a vehicle under certain conditions that result in inefficient use of the vehicle's engine. Accordingly, the user may desire to adjust the control data included in one or more performance maps to increase the engine's efficiency.

Further, a user may wish to make similar adjustments to an entire fleet of vehicles used by a business entity. Although theoretically, updating the control data in a performance map used by an ECM program may correct some efficiency problems with an engine's performance, conventional ECM systems are typically configured in such a manner that makes modifying the ECM programs difficult and, in some instances, very costly.

EPROMs are programmable non-volatile memory devices that retain their data when power is removed. Although these memory devices provide important fault tolerant operations for ECMs, modifying their contents to update information requires special programming circuits and knowledge of certain program data that may be known only to the developer of the ECM program.

Thus, in some instances, a customer may have to enlist the services of the ECM provider to assist the customer in modifying control data in an ECM program. For example, a program developer may have to provide the source code for the ECM program to the customer to enable the customer to recompile the program with new control data.

Accordingly, the customer must rely on information provided by the ECM program developer to customize the performance of any vehicles that use these programs. Kienle discloses an engine control device that stores a basic program produced by a manufacturer of the device. The basic program includes calculation programs i. An end user, such as a customer, may provide vehicle-specific control data into an EPROM that is accessible by the basic program.

Although Kienle allows a user to add data to an engine control device, the new data may only be stored in spare memory locations left free during an initial storage operation. Further, Kienle requires the calculation and selection programs to be stored in a permanently programmed memory that is separate from the EPROM that stores the control data. In these arrangements, a program developer generates engine control logic and compiles the logic into an ECM program.

The program developer then sends the compiled ECM program to an outsourced developer tasked with developing performance maps for the ECM program.

Once the maps are generated, the outsourced developer may recompile the ECM program with the developed performance maps and provide the recompiled program to the program developer. The program developer may make changes to the logic of the recompiled ECM program based on the performance maps provided by the outsourced developer.

The program developer may then again compile the ECM program and send the newly compiled program to the outsourced developer for regeneration of the performance maps. This process may be repeated several times until the ECM control program operates according to desired specifications. Accordingly, not only is the outsourced developer dependent upon the program developer for generating and modifying the performance maps, the multiple interactions between the two developers are very inefficient and increase the transaction costs involved with developing an ECM program.

In one embodiment, the method may include retrieving a compiled flash file including a logic portion and a control data portion that includes at least one data variable located at a target address location in the flash file. The logic portion, when executed by a processor, produces at least one output value based on the at least one data variable. Further, the method may include accessing the target address location in the control data portion of the flash file and modifying the at least one data variable with a new data value such that the flash file is updated without recompiling the flash file.

Once the flash file is updated, the method may include programming a memory in the control device with the updated flash file such that the control device executes the logic portion of the flash file to produce the at least one output value based on the new data value of the at least one data variable. The flash file may include a logic portion and a control data portion that defines a data variable used by the logic portion to produce the at least one output value.

Further, the system may include a second computing system having a memory and a processor being operable to retrieve the compiled flash file and determine an address location within the flash file corresponding to the data variable.

The second computing system may also be operable to update a data value corresponding to the data variable at the address location to create an updated flash file without recompiling the flash file and program the control module with the updated flash file such that the control module produces the at least one output based on the updated data value.

Wherever possible, the same reference numbers will be used throughout the drawings to refer to the same or like parts. As shown in FIG.Log In. EDMS Australia.

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Caterpillar 3406E C-15 C-16 C15 ACERT ECM and Flash File Explanation

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Dears It is my pleasure to be in touch with you I need support from you for some questions to clarify the idea at me. We get Power wizard controller 2. We get another Perkins series, I appressiate in advance for your feedback Best regards John gladstone. I can provide a brief set of answers now, will sit down later tonight with some more detail, The "Flash File" is the base firmware for the controller itself, you load a new flash file to upgrade or repair the panel firmware.

The "Field Replacement File" is the configuration setup file for your particular application, so its a combined file of all your programmable settings. There is a compatibility matrix, I do not have access to, the little units weren't my thing, the defines which engine models and feature sets go with available firmware levels. Power Wizard can be used on other gensets, but may not have all the features available, since there are some differences in J mapping.

Do you have the Power Wizard Technical Manual and the software tool? Thank you mikel, As you explaining The flash file and configuration file done for controllers such as power wizard, Emcp. Isn't it? What is name of software installed on ECU? What is function of matrix compatibility?Use this procedure if original ECM flash files are missing or not available.

If you do not have the flash file, it must be obtained from your Caterpillar dealer. ECM has an incorrect or outdated Flash File. STEP 2. STEP 4. STEP 5. STEP 6.

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Program the flash file into the ECM. Press the Browse button in order to select the name of the flash file that will be programmed into the ECM.

When the correct flash file is selected, press the Open button. Verify that the File Values match the application. If the File Values do not match the application, obtain the correct flash file. When the correct flash file is selected, press the Begin Flash button.

Cat ET will indicate when flash programming has been successfully completed. STEP 7. Check for proper operation. Repair any active diagnostic or event codes. WinFlash Error Messages If you receive any error messages during flash programming, click on the Cancel button in order to stop the process.

Make sure that you are flashing the correct file for your engine.

caterpillar ecm flash files

It has the following info: Part No. If so, Can anybody share it? I have on my flash files: FLS and FLS Thank you all in advance. Put passwords in and then reflas to the file you want then put in passwordsagain and thereyou go. It doesn't want to connect to either to et or winflash, please any more ideas or some other tricks to revive it? Problem solved. All rights reserved.Please check if your flash file is included using any desktop browser search function.

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It's a diagnostic system designed for Allison Product Families' transmissions. Buy now. SKYPE: epc. Conditions of Use.I think I have the program u are talking about but i can not open it pm me if u what it. I think I have the program u are talking about but i can not open it pm me if u what it If you dont mine.

By the way, is there any of you who ever used the old "Cat Flash" software that was used before Winflash? I found it on an ooooold CAT flash files disc this morning and got curious about it. I can share if you guys want to see what it looked like. It's an old dos-based software. However it asks for a password which I don't have.

PS: The files is quite big arroung 4 GB:rock:. I have several flash files I've collected over the last two years. If you need a specific one post the part number and I'll look for it. Somebody told you it was possible to wash an ECM with it? That's funny, it's the exact same software I had for which I asked in my last post if anyone got the password. The password is "master". A flash file can correct problems oem has had with their software plus other things and that's why they come out with new ones plus when you buy a new or reman ecm it normally comes blank and someone has to flash it.

A wash file was used years ago by cat and their dealers to clean a ecm to "like new condition", They haven't offered them for years from what I understand and I'm sure the ones that has turned up won't work. They would have to be ecm specific because how would it know what to clean? Cat don't offer them anymore, now they want you to send the ecm back to be cleaned for a charge of course. You're up the creek! You will have to buy another ecm plus you're engine is down till you get it going again.

Also ecm's are very expensive. I bought one for a ford F with a cat C7 and it was dollars!! I for one will not try this. I have tryed it and it doesn't work. Has any one got the program working yet I am going to try it next week.

Dieselman77, I did several time like you're mention above, it is work, but there is a problem whenevrer you wants to prgram the ECM with another flash files, some time it will give you personality module mismatch and you will need factory password to solve this issue. Cheers mate.

What is claimed is:

Soguys what the defrenc bitwen copy configuration and reflash used ecmcan i copy configuration from c15 truck to c15 generatorand what about used ecm can i reflash it or blank ecm only. I am know you can reflash used ecm but you will need to the factory passwords to reflash. It is either reason 5 or 55 to reflash the ecm horsepower settings. However some 40 pin ECM? However ATA can still be used in winfalsh only.

On the subject of disconnecting during a Flash!!!!!! As such feel free to do this as its handy at times. I have two wash files but they will not work with truck ecm with winflash. Hey DDS, if they do not work with winflash, what program will they work with? Not really sure i was told as soon as it starts to reprogram when you see the little percentage bar start moving just pull the plug and it erases the ecm never really tried it but a friend of mine says it works really good and he does it all the time.

It seems that what we need here are the wash flash files to blank the ECMs to fix the personality module.And it also allows you to see all the error codes of the Caterpillar machinery and has integration with Caterpillar sis in this way to see all the technical information on how to solve the fault.

Trucks Workshop Repair manuals GB Nexiq eTechnician software Truck v1. Cummins Insite 8. Caterpillar customer password recovry tool for Cat ecm configuration files.

Cat ET C. This program works and Caterpillar C dealer distributor of CA3 communication adapter diagnostics and other diagnostic adapters include Nexiq. Among its features, it is found that the cat ET C has the ability to perform analysis and testing of all sensors and systems in real time. Cat ET C allows. Special instructions. Caterpillar Flash Files 74 GB. Ebay Copyright Compliance Notice. We legally own the content intellectual property.

The content of this item is our production and the information are gathered by us due to our experience or thanks to information distributed freely and globally under the terms of the GNU Public.

We do not violate any copyrights. We are not using anyone's intellectual property nor their publications or documents.

caterpillar ecm flash files

We own copyrights to this item and we reserve the rights to this Software. All logos or trademarks, brands if used in this listing are property of their respective owners all of them. This listing complies with all eBay listing rules and copyright regulations and the full description of the listing has been created by us.Caterpillar Electronic Technician Cat ET is diagnostic software required to communicate, diagnose and service electronically controlled Caterpillar engines and machines.

When connected to an Electronic Control Module ECMa technician has the ability to diagnose existing and potential problems, configure the product, and obtain data for analysis. This program works with the dealer diagnostic scanner Caterpillar Communication Adapter as well as RP compatible diagnostic adapters such as Nexiq, DPA5 and others. Note: This price only for one pc installation,if you want to install it for more pc,you need pay times.

Caterpillar Flash Files 07/2019 4-DVD Set

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ATSG Transmission DDDL 8. Caterpillar Software. Daios Doosan Software. Hyundai Software.

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John Deere Software. Komatsu Software. Kobelco Software. Motor Heavy Truck. Cat ET Functions: Displays parameter status Displays active diagnostics Clear and View logged diagnostics Performs Diagnostic tests Print reports and diagnostic results Perform calibrations Displays current totals information i.

Additional information Year C, C. Note All items price in autoepccatalog. Choose an option C C Clear.


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